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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

L'oreal Lash Architect 4D in Noir

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara...

This is the best mascara I have come across for a very very long time!

The mascara boasts to having small fibres incorporated into the product to built and lengthen the lashes and it sure does work!

A lovely deep black colour making the lashes look fab also with the the ability of building the lashes.

To build the lashes I usually give them many coats , only because I like having super thick almost fake looking lashes!

But obviously this isn't a look for everyone but you can also easily have a beautiful natural look with this fab mascara...

Before and after...

10/10 for this mascara will definitely be purchasing it again!

Have you tried it?



Monday, 19 September 2011

ELF Eyebrow Kit in light

When I received this from ELF i was slightly dubious as the powder colour looked completely wrong, but I decided to give it a go anyway!

And I am glad I did because it actually works really well! 

The kit comprises of a gel like formula that you use to fill in and lengthen the brows and the powder is used to set this in place.

Normally the applicators with these kind of products is useless but I have to say the applicator with this kit is fabulous! And really makes the kit worth while!

left:gel                                                 right:powder

The brush is thin enough to get just enough product on the brows to replicate the brow hairs so the brows look completely natural with this on! Absolutely love this product and would recommend this to anyone!

Price: £3.50
Buy again?: Defiantly!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Glossy Box August

Sorry this is so late! But it arrived just before I went on holiday and I haven't had chance before now to review it!

In this months glossy box:

Ahava Mineral Body lotion.

Absolutely gorgeous moisturiser! Gorgeous smell, I just wish there was more of it! Although this was a trial size so I can't complain much! great consistency, will defiantly be purchasing this in full size.

Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet mascara.

I have only used this once so far, I have to say I'm not that impressed! I am stuck on the fab L'oreal 4d architect mascara (review to follow!) and to be honest the jumbo jet mascara does not live up to 4D at all! I will give it another go though and see if my mind is changed but for now... I won't be buying the Daniel Sandler mascara.

KMS California Hairstyle boost

This is a very strange product. When the product is sprayed out of to the hand it is extremely freezing cold! And crackles a lot! A very strange sensation! When applied to the hair it does make it heavy which is good although it didn't leave a memorable impression of holiday my style in place, no different to styling my hair without it! I definitely think this product would be a waste of money to buy full size!

Murad Time release blemish cleanser

Another disappointing product this month form Glossy box! I was keen to try this as I am prone to break outs! I used this during a hormonal break out and the trial tube lasted about 2 weeks which i think is plenty of time for it to do some good. Although there was no difference at all, no change and no clearer skin I am afraid so I won't be buying this product either.

Rebel Nail Wraps in gold.

Disappointing is becoming a theme in this blog post unfortunately but again... a big disappointment! I have wanted to try nail wraps for some time as they seemed so easy and quick although they are so fiddly and can really get you stress! Honestly after all the messing that I had to do just to organise them on two nails it would have been quicker to paint all ten nails! And also not a good colour to receive either!

I'm sorry this blog post has been rather down on most of the products but I do like to be honest with you all!

The next glossy box is on its way so come back soon to see if Septembers box is any better!



Tuesday, 13 September 2011

OOTD Leopard scarf

This was one of many OOTD's on my recent holiday to France!

The weather was on and off and this was one of the cooler days!

I recently bought  this H&M leopard print scarf so was eager to wear it as I LOVE leopard print!!!

What do you think?

What I am wearing...
Scarf H&M
Long Vest Topshop
Cardigan H&M
Leggings New Look
Sandals Dorothy Perkins
Ring Primark
Lots of Love 


Sunday, 11 September 2011

ELF studio creme eyeliner

I had never tried gel eyeliner before this one, so wanted to try a cheaper version just to make sure that I could use it and also if I didn't like the look I wouldn't be too disappointed by spending to much money on it...

And so to the product... the packaging is lovely as it usually is on the ELF studio range. Black lid, which seems pretty air tight and a clear bottom container that the product is in.

The liner is really creamy and pretty easy to use with the brush provided. It is a true black colour although I did find I had to go over the liner a few times to get a deep black line.

It is easily smudged when first applied but does stay put once dried.

The ELF studio liner is available in quite a large colour range so I think I will be trying a few of the other colour to! For £3.50 this liner is an absolute bargain!

Lots of Love



Friday, 9 September 2011

OOTE back to black...

This is my outfit of the evening for a lovely meal that I went to with some close friends.

I used to pretty much always be in black when I went out but of recent years I have brightened up a lot!

So I went back to black...

close up on the top, floaty chiffon shoulders

Black skinny Jeans H&M
Black top H&M
Leopard print shoes Office
Bracelet French Bijoux Boutique

Healthy Mix Foundation number 52
Collection 2000 Sheer loose powder
Eyebrow palette by ELF
Eyeliner Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof liner in black
Loreal 4D lash architect
Asda George BlusherEylure false lashes

Lots of love



Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in #52

I have seen this foundation around for a while and thought it may be a light coverage and so have never looked into it further, although my friend recently tried it and loved it! So I thought I would give it a go!

I would say the foundation is a light to medium coverage and smells gorgeous!

It is obviously a 'healthy mix' of  Apricot for radiance, Melon for hydration, Apple antioxidants and Ginger for Energy. It makes me wonder why we are putting anything other than these ingredients on our skin!

The smell reflects the ingredients, very fruity!  It glides on very smoothly, although the scent does disappear after pro longed wear.

It wears fairly evenly and it leaves a very dewy finish so if you are after a matte foundation I would say this is probably not for you, although I just matte it down with powder and it seems to do the trick! As I do like an in between!

I do think that mind over matter has a lot to do with this foundation as you feel good wearing it! It isn't heavy and with all the yummy ingredients you feel like you are actually helping your skin out rather than covering it with a mask everyday.

I would recommend this foundation if you are happy with a light to medium coverage with a dewy finish to the skin.

The colour range with the foundation is also great for me as I have yellow undertones to my skin! I am using shade 52.

I am thinking of buying a shade either side of 52 too, for my more paler/tanned days!

Colour: #52
Smell: Fruit
Packaging: Plastic pump bottle

Do you have this foundation?

What do you think?

Lots of Love 


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Im Back!!...

...And so I am back from my holidays! I have lots to share with you all and lots to blog about so this is just a quick post to say stick with me there will be plenty to come!

Hope you have all had a lovely Summer!

Lots of Love